Program: In Search of the Northern Light
Route: Tromsø
Duration: 6 days
Period: November - April

Day 1 - TROMSØ
Arrive Tromsø – The Arctic North

Pick up luggage and meet with taxi driver that will take you to the city and your hotel. Look for driver that is holding a sign with your name on. Check-in at your hotel.

Day 1 – 6 TROMSØ

Enjoy overnight and breakfast at the Clarion Collection Hotel With (4 nights)
Sjøgata 35-37, TROMSØ – Tel. nr.: + 47 7766 4200

“Active under the Northern Lights”

Tromsø is right in the middle of the planet’s Northern lights belt, and any flare of solar storms on the surface of the sun will be spotted here! Evening activities help you to be outside when the Aurora Borealis light up the night sky! Day time excursions are good for enjoying the breathtaking landscapes!

Day 6 TROMSØ – Good bye!
Enjoy breakfast – and meet with driver in the lobby and transfer to the airport for departure back home. Hope you had a lovely day!

Exciting activities in Tromsø - minimum 2 pax:


Haven’t seen the Northern Light yet? Come to the Tromsø Villmarkssenter and escape the city lights. Use the opportunity to pet some of the 240 friendly Alaskan Huskies, go for a toboggan ride or make yourself comfortable by the fire in the lavvu (Sami tent).

Pick up: 18.15 hrs. from the Radisson BLU Tromsø Hotel
Duration: 4 hrs.

Incl.: Warm clothes, snack, hot drink, transfer (30 minutes)
Season: October 15th 2010 – March 15th 2011


Come on a tour to the drier inland valleys to search for the Northern Light with introduction to the Sami culture and reindeer sledding. Reindeer sledding is the oldest for of transport in the north and an ancient part of Sami culture. Drive in pairs, one sled per reindeer (3 kms), across the Tamok valley. Try lasso throwing, visit a lavvu and learn about Sami culture and history as well as traditional Sami handicraft.

Pick up: 17.00 hrs. – Rica Ishavshotel (return at 24.00 – day trip also available)
Duration: 7 hours (4 hrs. + transport)

Incl.: Insulated bodysuit, shoes, gloves, headwear, headlamp (on evening trips), hot meal, coffee or tea brewed over open fire, English speaking guide and transfer
Season: November 2010 - April 2011

Credit: Lyngsfjord


Travel the snow with a team of 240 energetic Alaskan huskies and enjoy the Northern Lights if it appears at the same time! If the conditions allow it you can drive your own sledge if you inform about this when booking. Warm clothes are provided, the excursion lasts approx. one hour. After the dog sledding you will receive a Sami meal followed by coffee and homemade cake, served around an open fire in a traditional Sami tent.

Pick up: 18.15 hrs from the Radisson BLU Tromsø Hotel (return at 22.30)
Duration: 4 hrs (transfer 30 minutes each way)

Included: transfer (30 min.), hot meal and warm clothes
Season: 15.November 10 – 01.May 2011 (snow dependent)


Your host welcomes you to join them on a tour to see the Northern Lights from the sea. They have found one of the best spots for the Northern Lights and with clear sky + some activities on the sun we can almost guarantee some amazing lights. A warm and comfortable boat (Catamaran) with heated lounge. Bring warm gloves, hat and boots!

Pick up: 20.00 from downtown harbour (Return at 23.00)
Duration: 3 hours

Incl.: Flotation suit, hot fish meal, hot drink, heated indoor saloon, viewing deck
Season: November 2010 – March 2011


Experience the beautiful Lyngen Alps, outside Tromsø on a snowmobile. Join a local guide who will bring you safely around. This tour follows varied trails on the foothills of the Lyngen Alps with fantastic fjord views. Thorough safety instructions before start. The tour is not about speeding, but offers a scenic, safe and fun drive that suits most people. Note: you must hold a valid motorcycle or motor vehicle license and be over 18 years old. Children as
passengers only.

Pick up by Rica Ishavshotel in city centre at 09.00 hrs. (return 16.00 - evening tours also
Duration – 7 hours (4,5 hrs. + transfer)

Incl.: Insulated bodysuit, shoes, gloves, headwear, English speaking guide & transfer

Season: November 2010 – April 2011


For an easy and fun filled way to find a nice lake to try ice fishing. GuideGunnar helps you master snowshoeing. Try your luck and patience while admiring the scenery. If you do not catch your own lunch – something else is provided.

Pick up: 09.00 – Tromsø Cathedral
Duration: 6 hours

Incl.: Snowshoes, fishing tackle, lunch pack, hot drink and transfer (90 minutes)
Season: January 2011 – April 2011 (weather dependent)


Exciting fishing trip on the Catamaran MB Havcruise to some of the area’s best fishing grounds. The host’ extensive knowledge and experience will give you a memorable and exclusive fishing trip on a comfortable and heated boat. Eat your own catch for lunch! (If you’re lucky). Suitable for all ages.

Pick up: 10.00 – Downtown harbour (return at 13.00)
Duration: 3 hours
NOK PP: 1.200,-

Incl.: Fishing tackle, survival suit, hot fish meal, hot drink, viewing deck
Season: November 2010 – March 2011


Experience the beautiful Lyngen Alps from a horse drawn sleigh. This tour will bring you up close with the snow covered peaks that drop into the fjord below. A relaxing and enjoyable way for everybody to get a close up encounter with the Lyngen area. (Note – weather dependent). Transfer to Lyngen by public bus from/to Tromsø bus terminal.

Pick up: 09.00 – Tromsø bus terminal
Duration: appx. 5 hours (incl. transport)

Incl.: Transfer (60 minutes incl. ferry ride), warm clothes, coffee, traditional sweet.

Season: from November – snow dependent – so in case of no snow the tour cannot operate.


A historical and cultural walk through the city centre of Tromsø. Learn why the explorers like Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen came to Tromsø before their expeditions. Find out how people survived in the Arctic during the long Polar winter. Includes a visit to the Polar Museum.

Pick up: 14.00 – city hotels
Duration: 3 hrs.

Includes: guiding, entrance to the Polar Museum

Season: all year!

VISIT A NORWEGIAN HOME (min. 3 people – APF)

Welcome to guide Aud’s home on top f the island of Tromsø with some of the best views towards the Arctic Cathedral and the Cable Car. A home full of stories, such as being a shelter for British intelligence officer during World War II.

Pick up: 19.00 – city center hotels
Duration: 3 hrs.

Includes: coffee/tea, traditional Norwegian snack, transfer (10 minutes)
Season: all year!


The Northern Light is here

Watch nature's own theatre unfold above you,
as the most spectacular light installation takes the stage:
The northern lights with you on the front row!

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