The Activities:

Find a suitable place for fjord cruise, hiking, fishing, fjord paddling, rafting or look for other and less known activities like glacier walking & wildlife safaries:

Fjord cruise: The best way to experience the fjords is to join a cruise. There are several companies offering half-day and one-day cruises. The international cruise lines stop at many ports and make several detours within the fjords.

Hiking: Norwegians use the large mountain areas for hiking between the service and non-service cabins. There are thousands of kilometres of marked trails and many lakes with fish in them.

Biking: There are several routes that are ideal for biking, and there are package deals with bike rentals and accommodation available. Rallarvegen is the most popular tour.

Fishing: Catch cod, mackerel and coalfish almost everywhere along the coast. Trout and pike fishing is good in lakes, and there are excellent salmon rivers. Read more about fishing in Norway.

Glacier walking: Norway still has glaciers from the last ice age. You are strongly advised not to walk on these glaciers by yourself. There are guides available at many of the glaciers.

Wildlife safaris: Experience sea eagles and whales from a close range. There are also bird watching safaris, elk safaris and safaris to see king crabs and the ancient musk ox.

Ask us for more information on any of your interest points wether it is mentioned above or not! We can be of assistance with whatever you might desire.


The Northern Light is here

Watch nature's own theatre unfold above you,
as the most spectacular light installation takes the stage:
The northern lights with you on the front row!

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UNESCO includes Norwegian fjords on World Heritage List

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The Magazine has ranked the Norwegian fjords as a top destination!

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